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SK Telecom Mobile Plans

PPS (Pre-Paid Service)

What is PPS Smartphone?

It is a rate plan for pre-paid mobile phone service, ideal for customers with small use amount and international short-term visitors to Korea.

PPS Smartphone Friends plan provides preferential benefits for those customers who make a high volume of outgoing calls on the same line

Service Features

  • Rate plans include basic charge, voice service fee, V.A.T., and subscription fee. Pre-paid additional services are charged on a daily basis.
  • If the account balance is insufficient to renew the PPS, the order in which deductions are to be processed is basic charge, voice (or SMS) service charge, and a daily charge of monthly service.
  • A line can be recharged up to KRW one million. Any amount beyond the limit is not allowed.
  • You can more effectively manage your phone usage by checking the remaining credit on your card.

Service Information

Charges(V.A.T. included)

PPS Type
Plan Standard Charges
(per 1day)
Voice Call SMS Data
PPS Smartphone Lite 166 Won 3.3 Won/1 seconds 22 Won/service use Data service is available with separate charges
(Referring to the data charges in the table below)
PPS Smartphone Regular 350 Won 2.7 Won/1 seconds
PPS Smartphone General - 4 Won/1 seconds
PPS Smartphone Friends 300 Won (Designated 3 lines)
2.2 Won/1 seconds
(Other than designated lines)
4.4 Won/1 seconds
PPS Smartphone Premium 500 Won 2.3 Won/1 seconds
PPS Smartphone Plus 266 Won 2.9 Won/1 seconds

Data charges

  • Data are available to use with various charges as follows (Valid for one year after recharge) :
Data charges
Card Type 100MB 500MB 1GB 2GB 5GB
Charges(V A.T. included) 2,000 Won 10,000 Won 15,000 Won 19,000 Won 33,000 Won

Available Additional Services

  • Caller-ID Service, Call Keeper, SORISEM, SMS, Automatic Call Connection Service to New Phone Number, Number Change Information Service, Caller-ID Memo Plus, Remote Control, Call Waiting Service

How to recharge

  • When the pre-paid amount is used up, you can charge your account in the following way.
  • You can use the PPS card/cash/credit card to charge your account at ARS (011-200-4949)/branch/agency. (ARS charging cannot be cancelled.)
  • If you have not used the service after charging, you can cancel the charging on the same day. You cannot cancel the charging on the following day.

Please Note

  • The pre-paid amounts are KRW 5,000/10,000/20,000/30,000/50,000, and validity periods are 30/60/120/180/365 days, respectively.
  • As a basic rate plan for pre-paid mobile phones, the PPS plan is not separately terminated as keeping the same phone number.
  • At ARS/M Customer Center/T world website, the subscribed rate plans are not changeable.
  • Even after validity period ends, incoming calls can be received for up to 10 days, extending from the expiration date of each pre-paid card.
  • Data service account is separately managed from basic charge account. When the pre-paid amount of voice/data services is used up, the data service are terminated.
  • Account refills for the data service are not refundable.