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SK Telecom Mobile Plans

5G Sharing

What is 5G Sharing?

  • Plans for 5G smartphone subscribers to share their data allowances by bundling data-only devices registered under the same name.
  • For more information and details about subscription, please contact the 114 Customer Center or 1599-0011.

Service Information

Monthly Plans

This table contains Plan, Applicable Customers, Monthly Rate (VAT Included), Talk/Text, Data, 5G Sharing_Smartphone, 5G Sharing_Tablet
Plan Eligible
Monthly Rate
(VAT included,
*With Flexible Plan Contract)
Talk/Text Data
5G Sharing_Smartphone Subscribers with a 5G plan on their main line for data sharing ₩5,000 (*₩3,735) SMS, MMS (Text·Multimedia type), Talk · Video Call and Internet-based phone calls are not available for this plan Data allowances can be shared
(Available within the shareable data limit)
5G Sharing_Tablet

End of ‘5G Sharing’ Promotion (31st Dec 2019)

  • ‘5G Sharing’ Promotion: Free benefits to be provided for up to 2 lines, when ‘LTE Sharing Basic’ subscribers change their main line devices from LTE to 5G.
  • End date: Benefits not provided 1st Jan 2020 onwards.
  • Benefits will continue to be provided for customers who have been using ‘LTE Sharing Basic’ for free as of 31st Dec 2019.
  • Subscribers using their lines under the ‘5G Sharing’ promotion can continue to enjoy the benefits until cancelling their mobile line, changing their main line device, and changing the ‘Sharing’ line plan or device.

Terms of Use


  • ‘5G Sharing’ is not provided free of charge, ₩5,000 of monthly fees will be incurred per line added.
  • Continue to use at a maximum speed of 400kbps after the shareable data is depleted (speed restrictions cannot be lifted).
  • Voice/video calls, data voice calls/texts are unavailable for use.
  • ‘When subscribers using a 3G/LTE main line and a ‘3G/LTE Sharing’ supplementary line, change their main line to a 5G device, the following will be applied.
This table contains (Main line) ‘3G/LTE Sharing’ & (Supplementary line) ‘LTE Sharing’ Plans, (Main line) When changing from 3G/LTE devices to 5G devices
(Main line) ‘3G/LTE Sharing’ & (Supplementary line) ‘LTE Sharing’ Plans ‘3G/LTE Sharing’ Basic (Free up to 2 lines) ‘3G/LTE Sharing’ Basic (Charged from the 3rd line onwards) LTE Data Sharing 1G LTE Data Sharing 2.5GB
(Main line) When changing from 3G/LTE devices to 5G devices Automatic line suspension
To access, subscribers need to manually enroll in "5G Sharing" (a paid service) at the time of use.
  • 5G devices can only subscribe to ‘5G Sharing’ plans (‘3G/LTE Sharing’ not available).
  • Up to 5 supplementary lines can be signed up per 1 main line. The number of lines that can be subscribed to may change depending on ‘the limit on the number of lines that can be registered under the same name’.
  • 5G Sharing can be used with Smartphone and Tablet PC lines. To use 5G Sharing with a Smartphone or Tablet PC, subscribers will need to sign up for ‘5G Sharing_Smartphone’ and ‘5G Sharing_Tablet’ respectively.
  • ‘T We Family Discount’ / ‘TB We Family Complimentary’ / ‘TB We Family Free’ discounts will not be provided.
  • Signing up for this service while using other data plans including ‘Safety Data’ is not allowed.
  • ‘Long-term Subscriber Discount’ / ‘Rainbow Point’ / ‘Together Point’ benefits are not provided.
  • ‘5G Sharing’ use period will not be reflected in discount benefits that are provided based on the total subscription period (‘Long-term Subscriber Discount’, ‘Family Discount’).
  • ‘5G Sharing’ subscribers are not eligible to sign up for T membership.