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SK Telecom Mobile Plans


What is New T DIY?

  • Personalize your data and talktime based on your usage
  • Unlimited talktime among SKT subscribers
  • Top up data (for customers who have been subscribed to SK Telecom over 2 years) or receive data gifts when needed, send your leftover data to others, and bundle your data with data-only devices
  • Personalize your data and talktime based on your usage, mix and match your own personalized plan based on your talktime and data usage

For more information and details about subscription, please contact the 114 Customer Center or 1599-0011.

SK Telecom prohibits illegal commercial use of its communications network.
Service provision may be restricted if voice call and text message usage volume exceeds the following criteria.

Voice Calls (excluding video/additional calls)

  1. ① Voice calls exceeding 600 minutes a day more than 3 times a month
  2. ② Total voice calls exceeding 10,000 minutes a month

Standard Text Messages

  1. ① Exceeding 200 text messages a day more than 10 times a month
  2. ② [Korea Communications Commission Anti-Spam Regulations] Exceeding 500 text messages a day

Service Information

Monthly Plans
of Service Information
Plan Monthly Rate
(VAT included,
*With Flexible Plan Contract)
Talk/Text Data Benefits
New T DIY(200mins+6GB) ₩49,775
Unlimited talktime among SKT subscribers + Unlimited Texts 6GB Internet-based phone calls (m-VoIP) available
New T DIY(200mins+3GB) ₩47,575
New T DIY(200mins+1.5GB) ₩43,175
New T DIY(200mins+700MB) ₩42,075
New T DIY(200mins+250MB) ₩37,675
New T DIY(150mins+6GB) ₩47,575
New T DIY(150mins+3GB) ₩42,075
New T DIY(150mins+1.5GB) ₩41,030
New T DIY(150mins+700MB) ₩39,380
New T DIY(150mins+250MB) ₩34,430
New T DIY(100mins+6GB) ₩43,175
New T DIY(100mins+3GB) ₩39,930
New T DIY(100mins+1.5GB) ₩34,430
New T DIY(100mins+700MB) ₩32,230
New T DIY(100mins+250MB) ₩27,830
  • Data Gifting service is available when subscribers choose data packages with an allowance of more than 700MB
  • Subscribers can change plans once a month. When changing a plan in the middle of the month, charges for talktime and data will be calculated on a pro-rated basis
  • Data fees are charged by commercial call corporates (This is different from free talk time with non-SKT subscribers)

Charges for use after limits

of Charges for use after limits
Call Regular Calls ₩1.98/sec
Video Calls ₩3.3/sec
Text SMS ₩22/text
Mobile Messenger ₩22/text
(₩110/text, for attached files)
Text MMS ₩33/text
Multimedia MMS ₩110/text
Data Below 880MB ₩0.011
0.5KB (max. ₩19,800)
880MB to 3GB ₩0
Free (at regular speeds)
Over 3GB ₩0
Free (Speeds restricted to a maximum of 200Kpbs)
  • VAT included
  • An upper limit for data fees will be applied
  • Subscribers who wish to use data at regular speeds after exceeding 3GB may request to remove speed restrictions
    (₩0.0033/0.5KB is charged after exceeding 3GB)

Terms of Use

  • Contract discounts are reflected in the monthly fees of ‘New T DIY’, and separate Mobile Plan Contract Discounts and penalties are not applicable
    • Contract Discounts refer to Mobile Plan Contract Discount, LTE Plus Contract Discount etc.
    • Current Mobile Plan Contract Discount subscribers can continue to remain signed up for this discount plan (monthly fee discounts not provided)
    • e.g.) When changing from ‘T We DIY’ plan (24-month contract discount) to ‘New T DIY’ plan after 14 months
      • When canceling ‘New T DIY’ plan after the 15th to 23rd month : Discount penalty incurred (worth 14 months of monthly fees)
      • When cancelling ‘New T DIY’ after 24 months : Discount penalty not incurred
  • ‘T We-Family’ discounts can be applied
    • Same rates as the discounts rates for band plans will be applied
      (Discount rates based on total subscription period, below 10 years or over 10years : 0%, over 20 years 10%, over 30 years 30%)
  • Multiple subscriptions is allowed for TB We Family Complimentary, TB We Family Free, Family Free, Family Data Sharing, T Family Bundling (Good Family), and Family Happiness Plan (family group included in number of lines)
  • ‘T We Same School Discount’ can be signed up while using other services. However, discounts benefits will not be provided
  • ‘Long-term Subscriber Discount’ and ‘Rainbow Point’ accumulation not available
  • ‘Premium Customer Discounts’ not available
  • Talktime/data/text allowances can be used domestically. When changing plans in the middle of the month, fees will be calculated on a pro-rated basis