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SK Telecom Mobile Plans

band data global pack

Service Information


Plan Monthly Charge
(V.A.T. included)
Voice Data
band data global Pack 32 KRW 36,190 Unlimited lacal calls
(landline or wireless)
150 minutes of
International calls
band data global Pack 39 KRW 42,900 1.2GB
band data global Pack 45 KRW 49,500 2.2GB
band data global Pack 50 KRW 55,000 3.5GB
band data global Pack 54 KRW 59,400 Unlimited lacal calls
(landline or wireless)
400 minutes of
International calls
band data global Pack 62 KRW 69,190 11GB + Additional 2GB/day
band data global Pack 83 KRW 91,300 20GB + Additional 2GB/day
band data global Pack 103 KRW 113,300 35GB + Additional 2GB/day

Special Offer for foreign customer

  • Up to 400min. of free international calls for band data global pack customer
  • H2/D5~D9/E1,E3~E5 customers can open an additional line(with a deposit of KRW 200,000)
  • Introduce a new foreign customer and earn up to 1.5GB data(Dec 18, 2015 ~ Mar 17, 2016)
  • An additional LTE WiFi line can be opened with special Price(T pocket-fi, 10GB/20GB)

Please Note

  • International calling minutes are applicable to additional services on international call applications such as OTO
  • Applicable country and minutes would be varied by applications

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