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SK Telecom Mobile Plans

Ting On Weekends

What is Ting On Weekends?

  • Mobile plan for teenagers with weekend data benefits
  • Teenagers under the age of 18, 1 line per person
  • 1GB/day weekend-only data
  • This plan can be subscribed by smartphone users.

Service Information

Monthly Plans

Subscribed Plan / Converted Plan
Monthly Plan Monthly Rate
(VAT included,
*With Flexible Plan Contract)
Talk/Text Data Benefits
Ting On Weekends 5.0G ₩47,000
Unlimited talk & text + Video/Commercial Calls 50 mins Speeds restricted to a Maximum of 400Kbps after 5GB Speeds restricted to 400Kbps after 1GB/day on weekends
Ting On Weekends 3.0G ₩41,000
Speeds restricted to a Maximum of 400Kbps after 3GB
Ting On Weekends Save ₩31,000
  • Use time of weekend-only data will be based on the start of data use from Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 24:00
  • Weekend-only data is not provided on national holidays that do not fall on weekends. This service is only provided on Saturday and Sunday.

Charges for use after limits

Subscribed Plan / Converted Plan
Call Regular Calls ₩1.98/sec
Video Calls ₩3.3/sec
Text SMS ₩22/text
Mobile Messenger ₩22/text
(₩110/text, for attached files)
Text MMS ₩33/text
Multimedia MMS ₩110/text
Data Data ₩0.011/0.5KB
  • VAT included
  • When talktime and data packages are depleted, outgoing calls and data use will be suspended (suspensions lifted after topping-up)
  • Top-up is allowed without additional approval within the limits set by legal guardians (Max. ₩22,000, increase limit by steps of ₩1,100)
  • Paid mobile content can be purchased within topped up balance

1GB Daily Benefits on Weekends Only

  • Unlimited on weekends, receive an extra 1GB in addition to the standard data allocation. Once the basic data limit is reached, download speeds will be reduced to 400 Kbps.
    • The standard data allocation for each plan is as follows:
      *Ting On Weekends 5.0G : 5GB
      *Ting On Weekends 3.0G : 3GB
      *Ting On Weekends Save : 800MB
    • Weekend Only Data can be used only during the time frame of 12 AM Saturday to 12 PM Sunday.
    • Weekend Only Data excludes official public holidays that do not fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

Terms of Use

Unlimited Talktime

  • Unlimited Talktime for landline/mobile phones is limited to local wireless voice calls(including HD Voice) and wired calls (including 070 Internet phone) only.
  • Unlimited Talktime may not be applicable in instances where call forwarding services are used by the calling number.
  • For calls such as video calls (including HD Voice), national representative numbers (e.g., 15XX, 16XX, 18XX.), personal number services (e.g., 050, 060), 0130, 011-200, 011-700, and local area codes followed by +153/141/700, each second of conversation within these categories will result in a deduction of 1 second from the subscriber's additional call allowance. Video calls will incur a deduction of 1.66 seconds (excess usage charges: voice call ₩1.98/sec, video call ₩3.3/sec, including VAT)
  • Unlimited Talktime may be restricted under the following cases:
    • Daily talktime exceeds 600 mins for at least 3 times per month
    • Total monthly talktime exceeds 10,000 mins
    • Used for promotional/commercial purposes including tele-marketing/phone dating services
  • A talktime restriction alert message will be sent when usage is limited, and after which talktime changes will be incurred based on actual call duration.


  • Basic text message services may be restricted under the following cases:
    • Daily texts exceed 200 messages for at least 10 times per month
    • Used for commercial purposes including spam messages or automatic sending programs and devices
  • A restriction alert message will be sent when usage is limited, and after which charges will be incurred based on actual text messages sent (SMS ₩22/message, LMS ₩33/message, MMS ₩110/message, including VAT)
  • Apart from the aforementioned conditions, text messaging is limited to a maximum of 500 messages in compliance with the Korea Communications Commission (KCC)’s Prevention of Illegal Spam Transmission Act.


  • ‘TB We Family Plan’ / ‘Family Free’ bundled discount plans can be signed up for (Can be recognized as a Family group line)
  • ‘Premium Customer Discounts’ not available
  • ‘Flexible Plan Contract Discount’ can be applied
  • ‘T We-Family’ discounts can be applied (If the total accumulated use period of family members exceeds 20 years, a 10% discount is applied to the monthly fee, and 30% discount for 30 years)

Mobile Plan Subscription

  • Minors under the age of 18, 1 line per 1 person
  • When user age surpasses the limit, the mobile plan will be automatically changed to ‘T Plan Safe 2.5G’ (Ting On Weekends 5.0G)/ ‘T Plan Save’ (Ting On Weekends 3.0G / Ting On Weekends Save) in the following month upon the subscriber’s 20th birthday
  • This plan can be subscribed by smartphone users.


  • ‘Long-term Subscriber Discount’ and ‘Rainbow Point’ accumulation is not available
  • Signing up for ‘T with T’ plan is not allowed