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SK Telecom Mobile Plans

PPS (Pre-Paid Service)

What is PPS General?

  • Regular PPS(Pre-paid Phones Service) plan without any basic fees
  • Pre-paid plan for light mobile users or for short-term foreign residents

Service Information

Standard Charges (VAT included) Call Charges (VAT included)
None Voice call SMS
₩4/sec ₩22/text
Please Note
  • Call charges include basic fees, talktime fees, VAT and registration fees; add-on services usage fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis
  • The order of balance deduction when the topped-up monetary balance runs out is as follows : Basic fees → Talktime fees (or SMS) → Monthly fees calculated on a pro-rated basis
  • The subscriber may top-up up to ₩1million per line (the maximum amount cannot be exceeded)
  • Automatic ARS (for checking balance, usage period and to top-up balance) : 010-5200-4949
  • Subscription and cancellation
    • The customer may change their plan once a month
    • For pre-paid lines, maximum number of lines a customer may set up are as follows: 2 per Korean subscribers & corporate entities, and 1 per foreign resident
    • The subscriber may not sign up for this plan again within 1 month of cancelling the plan
    • The subscriber can receive phone calls for an extra 10 days after the expiration date of the pre-paid card
    • This is a basic plan for pre-paid mobile phones. In order to maintain the current mobile number, the customer must not cancel this plan
    • The plan cannot be changed via ARS/mobile customer center/online T world

How to use the service

Add-on services that can be used together

  • Caller ID Service, Voice Mail (Simplified, English), 1333, SMS (Incoming), Remote Control, Passcode Call, Caller ID Memo Plus, Outgoing Blocked, Number Change Notification (Free trial period only), Call Waiting, Call Transfer, International Call Outgoing Blocking, Collect Call Blocking Service, Caller ID Restriction, Quick Channel, Unknown Number Blocking Service, Passcode Call, Illegal Usage Blocking Service, View Caller ID, Call Waiting Music, Spam SMS Blocking, T Ring, 060 Spam ARS Blocking Plus, Call Theft Blocking Verification, SMS Blocking Service, 119 Emergency Rescue, Voice Mail Center, Conference Call, Children’s Fee Notifying Service, Spam ARS Blocking Plus, Mobile Phone Protection Service, Forwarding Blocking, Privacy Protection Passcode Service, MMS (Color Mail) Blocking Service

How to top-up

  • When topped up amounts are depleted, the customer may top up their balance as per below
  • Top-ups can be made with PPS cards/cash/credit cards at online T world/ARS/service centers/SK Telecom stores (ARS top-ups cannot be reversed)


Q. What is a pre-paid phone line?
  • After signing up for a pre-paid phone line, the customer may purchase a pre-paid card and top up specific amounts of money to use talktime (outgoing/incoming)
  • There are no registration fees and basic fees. The customer may choose the amount they would like to top up
Q. Do I need sign up for a plan without getting a phone? How can I change their plan?
  • Yes, when signing up for a pre-paid phone service, the customer can choose 1 plan among the plans shown on the previous page
  • Changing plans is limited to once a month for the plans with basic fees
Q. Can I switch my current post-paid line to a pre-paid line without changing the phone number?
  • To switch from a post-paid line to a pre-paid line the customer will need to cancel his/her current post-paid line and sign up for a pre-paid phone separately.
  • In this case, a new phone number will be allocated
Q. Up to how many phone numbers can be activated per person?
  • For pre-paid lines, maximum number of lines a customer may set up are as follows: 2 per Korean subscribers & corporate entities, and 1 per foreign resident
Q. Can foreigners sign up without an ARC(Alien Registration Card)/Resident Card?
  • Yes, foreigners may sign up with their unexpired passport
  • The customer who signs up with a passport will not be able to continue to top up their balance when their length of stay expires
    In this case, the customer can extend the service for 3 months after verifying their identity with their passport at SK Telecom stores/service centers
Q. How do I top up my line? Can I ask for a refund after topping up my balance?
  • The customer may top up with PPS top-up cards, credit cards or cash by calling the customer ARS(010-5200-4949) or by visiting a service center, SK Telecom store, or online T world
  • The customer may cancel the top-up if the full topped-up amount has not been used, only on the day the line was activated