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SK Telecom Mobile Plans


What is Standard?

  • A mobile data plan with low monthly fees and a usage-based billing system
  • Can be used by both feature phone and smartphone users (cannot be used on 5G devices)
  • Not available for Pre-paid Phones(PPS)
  • Sign up for ‘wireless internet restriction’ via the SK Telecom customer call center (114) to block all data usage

For more information and details about subscription, please contact the 114 Customer Center or 1599-0011.

Service Information


Monthly Fees
(including VAT)
Voice Data Text
₩12,100 - - 50 messages (SMS)
  • This plan is based on a pay-as-you-go model for voice calls, texting, and data consumption.
  • Landline/Mobile Call Fees (including VAT): ₩1.98/second
  • Text Message Fees (including VAT): SMS ₩22/message, LMS ₩33/message, MMS ₩110/message.
  • Data usage Fees: (including VAT) ₩0.275/0.5KB. To block wireless data, a separate service registration is required.

Please Note

  • Pre-paid phones and modems that do not have calling functions may not use this plan
  • Re-registering within 1 month of cancellation of this plan is not allowed
  • ₩0.275/0.5KB will be charged separately for data use. If you would like to block all data usage, please register for the wireless internet restriction service.
  • The wireless internet restriction service can be registered through SKT’s Customer Center (114).