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Call Ring-back Tone (called Coloring)

When someone calls you from a mobile phone or a general phone to a mobile phone user, this colorful service lets the caller hear various distinctive sounds, newest songs, sound effects and voices instead of the ring back tone (dial tone). This supplementary service enables the person calling you to wait pleasantly without any boredom.

The customer subscribing to the Coloring Service → Hears the Ring-back Tone.

Charges : ₩900

Please Note

  • When you subscribe to the coloring service for the first time, SK Telecom provides you with one free sound, and if you use wireless NATE, wired or 011-700 ARS to change coloring, an extra [Ring -back Tone Change Information Fee] will be charged.
    As the information charges vary depending on songs, you should check the information charge every time you use the service.
  • If you use the gift-giving service, ₩20 will be charged in addition to the aforementioned information charge.
  • If you subscribe to the coloring service, the ₩900 service fee will be charged in addition to the mobile phone charge.