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You can view key supplementary services.

Call Forward_Voice Only

This service connects the call arriving at the mobile phone ‘immediately’ to a desired phone (010, 011, 017, PCS and general phones).

If you subscribed to the Call Forward_Voice Only after May 1, 2009, you can use up to 270 minutes of voice call connections per month from August 1, 2009.

Call → The customer subscribing to the Call Forwarding Service → Connecting the call(mobile phone, PCS, general phones)

Charges : ₩900

Please Note

  • As fees will be charged after the settings are cleared, if you do not want to use this service, please cancel it.
  • If this service is used for a purpose other than service provision, its use may be restricted, e.g. cancellation of the supplementary service or suspension of the use of or cancellation of the mobile phones number.
  • For calls not wanted by the receiver (numbers set up for call forwarding), the numbers registered for the service can be deleted.
  • Types of registrable numbers
    mobile phone numbers (010, 011, 016, 017, 018, 019), wired local phone numbers (02 ~ 064), beeper numbers (012,015), special wireless numbers (0130~0132) and Internet phone numbers (070)
  • Types of unregistrable numbers
    personal number service numbers (050 series), phone information service numbers (060 series), toll-free service numbers (080 series), national representative number service (15YY, 16YY) wired supplementary service numbers, international phone number, special numbers, etc.
  • You can use theCall Forward_Voice Only service for up to 270 minutes per month, and afterwards this supplementary service is stopped.
  • If you call the Customer Center (114 on the mobile phone - free), visit to a branch, or go to online T World to cancel the “Limited Service” of the Call Forward_Voice Only service, you can use the service past 270 minutes.
  • Criteria for usage-based fees (voice calls)
    • up to 270 minutes: free
    • 270 minutes~1000 minutes: ₩1.8
    • more than 1000 minutes : you cannot use the service that month anymore (automatically cleared the following month)